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AGK studio for less than £15 right now

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I thought I would put this in it's own thread . This is a link to buy a steam key for AGK studio for less than £15
This is the best deal on AGK classic and AGK studio I have seen and You can get other stuff assets etc included in the deal .
Any way here's a link to it .

Just took a look and this offer is still on for another 19 days so the 20th October 2021. I would love to have found this deal when I needed it but did get AGK classic and studio on sale so can't grumble too much. It's a pitty the particle editor and sound library are not in it but there you go can't have everything.

I have just downloaded 5 programming books from this site for £1 and all went well at checkout . I'm not sure how long these offers will last but if you want AGK studio and most of the rest of the products from TGC included for less than £15 I would take advantage of this . Have a nice day

For the price you get a shed load of stuff. Well worth the money and a complete bargain if you don't have AGK but fancy a look at it.

Which file formats do the art stuff come in?

I bought it, very good value. Thanks for saving me money. :)

The file formats that come with AGK 2 are the Giant Asset Packs which is all 2D art in .png. AGK Studio also has the Giant Assets as well as the Games Pack which has 2D .png and .wav, and the 3D Assets Pack which has .x with .png textures. There's also Community Template Games all those are in the Mega Medai Pack. Then there are projects that have a 3D section with boned animation in .x and .fbx. GameGuru has it's formats in .x and .dbo and textures in .dds.


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