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AGK studio is on sale again at 60% off for £31.59 on steam . I guess a high price have a regular sale business model must work well as it seems TGC do this regularly . I still really rate AGK classic and studio and I would say the price is about right when on sale . It's normally sold for about £80 at the regular price which when you consider the updates every few months for things like google play etc is not really that bad although if I had to pay the £80 I would still be using classic . Vulkan is great but I am writing for openGL at the moment and if I get 60fps using openGL I do not see the benefit of using Vulkan . Maybe in a few years when openGL starts to die off there will be a need for it but for now when all computers support openGL  what's the point . Happy coding.

I've been thinking about the Vulkan openGL thing and I think the way to go is prefer best for the future so if somebody tries to run one of my games on an Vulkan only computer it will still work ok and vice versa . This seems pretty future proof I guess TGC have got this right . I think most but not all new cpu's support Vulkan so openGL could be around for a long time yet.


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