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2 or 3 years to learn AGK

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I have been using AGK for about 3 years now but took a 1 year break from programming so have about 2 years under my belt . It is only in the last few months that I feel very comfortable with AGK and feel I know how to use it . It seems for me to learn it has taken about one and a half years and I consider myself to be an average learner . There's still more to learn for me but I have the basics down and pretty much remember how to do things which really speeds up development time . I've completed 8 or 9 games in that time some ok and some not so good. I would say this to someone wanting to do this and that is give it a year or two and it gets a lot easier with experience. When I joined this forum I really didn't know that much but thanks to the members here and many hours experimenting I have come a long way and with each game I write I strive to make it better (technically) than the last . Happy days

I think I remember John Romero from Id software writing on his twitter that he learned by doing a (80's ?) game rewrite for every letter of the alphabet.

I was thinking about looking at old spectrum games and rewriting them in AGK , not  copying them but taking the basic idea and trying to improve them . jet set willy , cookie , that sort of thing . It would be an ideas goldmine.

now... if I recall in many of your very early posts. the core suggestion I kept saying was to go back to the 80's and look at how simple arcade games operate. there is soo much to learn there and everything is based on what was started there.

OK. for an example. Take pacman - there are lots of sites that go into how it operates. but could you do a good version/copy.

You would need to understand how the map works, how the input works, but most of all how the ai (or lack of it) works - it's very subtle, very clever and very simple... but you will have to think really hard ;)
Plus how you wrap it all up with the graphics - not as simple as it first seems.

Be very carful of educational software - a lot of it is cheap and poorly written. with some big players capturing most of the market. Can you actually write something that is good and educational - and then get it used? If the answer is NO, or Maybe, or Not sure - then you would possibly be better served just continuing your own education.

TBH AGK is fine. But I do feel that going back to basics and beginning to learn how things work would really help you.

If you want to do 3d - then write a simple wireframe viewer yourself - even a rotating cube. just use drawline - and no 3d commands. you will soon find how much you don't understand...

I agree with you Adam 40 years ago I got my ZX81 and loved it , but I really could not program it . When armed with only BASIC and nothing else no 3d commands or sprite utilities it really is very tricky even on such a basic machine . And yes drawing a cube on the screen and rotating it just using standard BASIC is not easy at all . Very easy in AGK though . One of the things that I think lets AGK down is the fact that it does not support all of the BASIC language unless it's hidden somewhere and I can't find it , however it does get the job done with minimal effort and I guess that is progress. I'm gonna try the cube but it's gonna take a bit of research .


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