An 80K Sinclair ZX Spectrum is possible?

Started by dawlane, June 29, 2024, 23:14:10

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I came across this video showing a mod to implement bank switching on an issue 2 ZX Spectrum.
Such a thing would be hard to do on later issue boards.

Edit: My view on this, is that is sounds good on paper, but when you think about it. It's not going to be much use when you would have to write a vast bulk of the code in contended RAM, as it would page the whole 32K in and out.


That's just Pure Flipping Flopping Genius.

Sir Clive Sinclair Bought a load of Faulty RAM Chips on the cheap :-X  and made a 48K where as it could of always been 80K ::)

Sinclair even designed the computer to use these faulty chips? By Placing links on the computer PCB to use these faulty RAM's from different Manafacturers.

If anyone is going to do this MOD remember that half of the RAM is Faulty!!!! So a Memory test will show faulty Ram as that's what Sinclair used!

So, if you want this to work/function properly! You need to replace the UPPER 32K RAM before you do this!

There was a guy selling 32k RAM module replacements a while back. But i cant remember his name. Which would make good use of this Mod.

Note 128K Bank switching is totally different. So Software would have to be written for the specific machine to utilize the extra Memory. With the said OUT instructions.

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