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Steve Elliott:
From the guys that brought you the C64 Mini and the C64 Maxi, comes the Amiga Mini.  It comes with an Amiga Mouse, Gamepad and 25 games, although you have to supply your own keyboard.

If this sells well enough I bet they'll produce a full-sized working keyboard version as they did with the C64:

ooooh. This is deffo cool.

I remember playin Turrican 1/2 on the Amiga back in the day.

Steve Elliott:
Yeah I expect I'll be getting one at some stage.

Oo, very sweet. I think I'll wait for the full sized one though. Hopefully they'll go for the A600 full sized as I think the A500 / A1200 could be too big these days for many. It would be a bit of a space sucker whereas the A600 wasn't huge. Mind you if they ever did a "The BBC Model B", eeeekkkk :o

Steve Elliott:
Well if everybody waits for the full sized version so nobody buys the mini version, there won't be a full sized version.

Yeah the A600 is a more practical full sized model, but if they went with the A500 Mini I guess they can't change models now.  Also, flight sim nuts would go nuts because the numeric keypad was apparently used extensively there on the A500/1200.  Personally I don't use keyboards with numeric keypads on any of my computers because they do take up so much space.

lol yes the Beeb is massive but they're Commodore guys.  Maybe when sales dip they could produce other retro computers.


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