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Re: HC Game Editor [Finally a Demo Video!]
« Reply #30 on: October 09, 2017, 07:33:44 AM »
Staying focussed is hard, especially when you are working solo (just like me - lol)
Also finding out what you are good or bad at helps.

E.G. you write a game and think it's brilliant, but no-one downloads it. is it a good or bad game?
you write another game and it is downloaded loads. is this a better game, or just has something the 'public' like?

The best you can expect is your own enjoyment in writing both games, and the knowledge you have gained can now be used for writing a better third game... And so it goes.


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Re: HC Game Editor [Finally a Demo Video!]
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Personally I see this as quite visionary and if you can pull it off for more than games then well... you never know.

It would be a shame to not finish it. Getting something truly finished can be very difficult. It becomes easier and easier to achieve the more that you do it. I think's it's correct to state that the last 10% of the product takes 90% of the development time and effort.

A decision that can be difficult to make is 'when to release the first version'. Clearly you have a working editor and it does appear to produce an output. Ok, so maybe it's not the final 'all singing and dancing with bells and whistles' vision that you have in mind but remember that it is OK to release a version that works without the full feature set, and announce what the future holds for it and the direction that you intend to take it. Think of it as  a kind of 'stake in the ground to work from' to at least spike peoples/organisations interest, to get potential followers interested in your idea and supporting you, both for your mental drive and possibly financially too. Just make sure that what you release is as bug free and robust as you can possibly make it.

I think this kind of programming editor would find a good place in the education system, maybe for the younger generation of pupils and maybe also for non-programmers that want to express and create idea on a computer. To me this focuses on the conceptual and algorithm steps of programming with an 'easy to use editor' for the implementation and execution. As it is I doubt it will set the programming industry on fire and revolutionise programming ( not for a few years/decades yet anyway! ), but at this time I think you can find an area that this could thrive in and possibly earn a very good living from it - government sectors pay a fortune compared to the public sector ;)
For the future you never know what other products can come from it. With touchscreens being the modern 'end user' input medium, this could also be used with such a device. You could selectively bring up a keyboard if required - the same idea as mobile phones. Next thing you know people have an editor that looks like the one from the 'Minority Report' movie  :P All because you released this idea!! Ahem... yes my imagination does get carried away, but you never know... do you?  ;)

Learning to program requires 1. learn about algorithms and constructs used to express those algorithms, 2. learn a programming language to implement the algorithm and create a 'program', and 3. learning how to get that program running on a computer, ie compiling it and getting it run, which usually involves learning some very basics of the OS too.
The only important step that people should really be working on is #1. You'll find that #2 and #3 are just in the way of getting #1 done.

For quite a few modern languages #3 is already abstracted away, but for the older, veteran languages it is still very much an important factor if you want to do anything beyond 'Hello World'.
Your editor and idea also removes the need to learn an alien language at #2. You are still learning an editor and lets be honest you will probably also learn to use an editor with your chosen programming language anyway, so I see it that you removing #2 too.
Which leaves just #1, allowing the creator to concentrate more on the idea via an algorithm. Which is the whole purpose in the first place!

Using a visual style editor is still easier compared to learning a programming language like C++, C# BlitzMax, AGK or *insert any programming language here*. There's a reason people are using Unity and Unreal style editors - because it's easier! so why not do the same to remove the language too?

Anyway I think this is heading towards being a great idea and if you look around you'll probably find an area in this world that would embrace it. It's up to you if you finish it... I hope for you that you do :)

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Re: HC Game Editor [Finally a Demo Video!]
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First, This is not an Editor only for none programmers..
And its not meant for Kids in mind..
I was always looking for the right way to make games, back when Unreal and Unity were unknown..

I do Continue doing stuff Just a little bit slower..

Im just in bad times.. ATM from various reasons..

Im not saying its the perfect platform for making games but its not bad at all and can be improved if the community will like it and Help..

About what Adam said.. Im actually quite certain I can produce great games.. without a failure..
because I put really high standards.. and Im very good at understanding what a good game is and Im open for reviews..

And what must be explained is that I need to do 3 things at the same time.. which is damn hard!

A) Develop the Engine  [Internal processes]
B) Develop  the Map Editor [Completely different project for it self]
C) Make a Game Demo..

So I need to do 3 things at once.. were the Engine and the Map Editor are in first priority..

I Also built my own Database ..

My Proeject is not the perfect platform for games.. But its not bad.

*Other project that I really wanted to make is a Blue Print Style IDE which would be amazingly great.

I think I did an amazing Job.. And I think people need to see it.
You guys just dont yet Get what Ive really done..

Making a bluePrint whithin a blueprint is amazing for it self.. and Ive manged to make it
plus many more complex things.

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Re: HC GameEditor
« Reply #33 on: October 11, 2017, 07:48:56 AM »
Its somehow true the saying that the last 10% takes a lot of time.
But Im not even their Yet :)